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Kamagra Gold

Brand(s): Kamagra

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma Limited.

Disease(s): Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence

Instructions for use KAMAGRA 100 GOLD
When it comes to potency pills, Viagra is the first thing that comes to mind. This is not surprising, because KAMAGRA 100 GOLD was one of the first safe stimulants that gave men hope for a normal intimate life. The conversation is not only about age-related impotence, but also those cases when young men cannot for various reasons. The manufacturer of the generic is the Indian plant Ajanta Pharma.

The drug Kamagra Gold 100 is effective for the situational elimination of erectile problems of various natures.

Psychogenic dysfunction is associated with stress, psychological problems, and nervous disorders. This may affect the quality and duration of the erection. Or expressed in the fact that the penis “works” not always. In such cases, KAMAGRA 100 GOLD tablets work with a bang.

The cause of organic erectile dysfunction are diseases, circulatory disorders, and age-related extinction of the reproductive system. Generic KAMAGRA 100 GOLD 100 mg may temporarily relieve symptoms, but for a thorough solution to the problem, consult a doctor.

How KAMAGRA 100 GOLD works
In most cases of potency disorders, the cause lies in the weak blood supply to the penis. It is in this direction that the Indian generic works.

Each tablet of KAMAGRA 100 GOLD contains the reversible PDE-5 inhibitor Sildenafil 100 mg. It blocks phosphodiesterase and reduces tension in the arteries and muscles of the genital organs. During arousal (with intimate caresses), the blood freely enters the penis, lifting it and increasing in size.

After the successful completion of sexual intercourse, the male organ becomes the same as it was, but after a slight respite, it is ready to continue. Since erection pills last 4-6 hours, you can have sex several times in a row, bringing multiple pleasures to yourself and your partner.

Who is KAMAGRA 100 GOLD and Viagra analog 100 mg for?
The sexual amplifier is intended for men from 18 years old and without age limits. The main condition is the absence of medical indications prohibiting sexual activity.

Viagra KAMAGRA 100 GOLD instructions for use
One of the popular names for the drug is “blue pills” due to the shade of the outer shell of the drug. Each tablet is diamond shaped and contains Sildenafil 100mg of.

Take the medicine KAMAGRA GOLD 100 one hour before the expected closeness. Swallow the tablet with plenty of water. The generic starts to act in 15-60 minutes. If you want the remedy to work faster – use it on an empty stomach. If you eat before (or immediately after) the absorption of the tablet will be complicated by the digestion of food in the stomach. Drinking alcohol while using a stimulant is prohibited.

The price of KAMAGRA 100 GOLD is proportional to the quality, but if you wish, you can replace the original drug with its generics, which are much cheaper.

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